Free Art for Kids' Bedrooms

When it comes to decorating nurseries and kids’ bedrooms, you go in knowing that in a year or two or maybe five (but probably not that long), everything will change. The occupant of the room is growing rapidly and with that growth comes change of hobbies and interests. And favorite colors. The 4-year-old that literally needs pink will undoubtably become the 14-year-old that literally hates pink.

We love the idea of keeping nursery and kid bedroom decor cost friendly. That way it won’t feel so painful when it’s phased out all too quickly. And today we have a whole bunch of ideas for finding that perfect, low cost, art for your favorite kiddo’s bedroom.

This entire gallery wall is chalk full of free art. So, let’s break it down.

Gray Oak Studio - Girls Bedroom Free Art

Homemade Art

Your little one is an artistic genius. Whether finger painting or color by numbers or pencil sketches, your child’s art not only reflects his/her age but also his/her interests. It’s the perfect decor of the moment. And when you frame it, you’ll be amazed at how legit it looks. My daughter’s water color pieces rival Georgia O’Keefe. They do. They really do.

Gray Oak Studio - Little Kid's Homemade Art

Free Printable Art from Pinterest

We first talked about free printable art in one of our early projects, Golden Girls Bedroom (back then we were naming projects based on the design…and being cutesy about it). For that project, we found a series of vintage flower prints and a personalized floral/letter print, all on Pinterest. All free. We printed everything at Staples and hung it all with washi tape. All in, the art element of the room cost about $10.

Gray Oak Studio - Free Pinterest Art for Girls Bedroom
Gray Oak Studio - Free Pinterest Art for Girls Bedroom

And this butterfly print (below) was also a free Pinterest find.

Gray Oak Studio - Free butterfly print from Pinterest

The best way to find free prints on Pinterest is to search “free printable art”. You can get a little more specific if you know exactly what you want (“free printable butterfly art” or “free printable art for kids bedroom”). Also, in a recent Wednesday Five I talked about my go-to website (The Little Umbrella) for free printable children’s art. There’s tons of content and it’s all adorable.

Greeting Cards

Cards these days are as beautiful a high end art (and they cost about the same). And, bonus, they’re sentimental. This is a Valentine’s Day Card…and a terrible photo. Sorry for the glare and the reflection of me with my phone. Shrug. Anyway, you don’t have to wait to be given the perfect card. Head to Paper Source and buy one.

Gray Oak Studio - Free kids bedroom art holiday card

Children’s Book Art

Frame your child’s favorite page from their favorite book. This one requires ruining a perfectly good book. But sometimes that’s fine. Maybe the book is sort of ruined anyway. Maybe you have an extra copy. Or, maybe you should get an extra copy (after all, it’s your child’s favorite book). Check yard sales or used book stores for the classics. The art in children’s books is often stunning and, again, sentimental.

Gray Oak Studio - Free art for kid's bedroom children's book


Calendars, much like greeting cards, can be seriously gorgeous. I used some amazing photos of animals from a National Geographic calendar in my kids’ bathroom (below). There are also some great landscape photo calendars and art print calendars (again, Paper Source is a great…source…for this). Once the month is over, that print is ready for primetime.

Gray Oak Studio - Leah's Kid's Bathroom free art from calendar
Gray Oak Studio - Leah's Kid's Bathroom free art from calendar

We would love to hear other places you have found free (or nearly free) art for your kid’s bedroom or for any space in your home. We would also love to see your free art framed and hung and glorious - send us a direct message on Instagram and we’ll feature it in our story.

We’ll be back on Wednesday for a breakdown of our week.

- Leah

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