Interview with CC & Mike

Hope you had an absolutely wonderful Christmas. Can you believe it's over? Neither can we. We're still in our flannel pajamas nursing a snickerdoodle hangover. Coffee is always good, and movies. Because you can't see National Lampoons Christmas Vacation too many times. It's not possible.

Well, we have a late Christmas gift...for US. And you, of course. We were lucky enough to interview the amazingly talented CC & Mike and today we're sharing the genius they had to share. We should back up though and fill you in on how this interview came to be.

For starters, we're huge fans of CC & Mike. So, if you happen to not know of them, let us introduce you:



They are an amazingly talented husband and wife team that runs a home design, remodel and renovation business. They also have a fantastic lifestyle blog and print shop where you can score budget-friendly, beautiful art. A few months ago, we reached out to CC & Mike to ask if they'd be willing to share some thoughts on home design. It was on a whim and we can't believe we did, but we're so glad we did because they responded almost immediately with a Yes! (Of course we geeked out and began a group text message made 90% of emojis). 



I mean, can you handle this? This is from their Tulsa Remodel. It's truly perfect.

Ok, ok, enough fangirling. Onto the interview. 

Gray Oak: What advice do you have for someone on the fence about hiring an interior designer for a home redesign or new construction build?

CC & Mike: You get what you pay for! If you want your home to look beautifully designed and don’t have the skills to do it yourself, then you should most definitely hire a designer!

Gray Oak: What is an aspect in design that you think people should not skimp on? And then, when is going budget a no brainer?

CC & Mike: When we are designing a home, we always say to spend your money in the kitchen and the exterior. Those are two places that you should definitely not skimp on. I am all for doing things on a budget but the kitchen and the exterior are two places we definitely allocate plenty of money to so that we don’t have to skimp there.

Gray Oak: Has a client ever been skeptical about your creative vision? How do you get clients on board with some of your more "crazy" ideas?

CC & Mike: We have had both! We have had clients who buy into our vision 100 percent and clients who are skeptical. We always say “This is your home so ultimately the decision is yours,” but truly, our best projects are the ones that our clients trust us and trust our vision and let us go for it!

Gray Oak: We LOVE your print shop. Such beautiful, accessible art. Do you have any tips for people who aren't sure where to start in choosing artwork for their homes?

CC & Mike: Art work is so personal. To me, art should speak to you. If you see a print and it “speaks to you“ (i.e. you can’t stop thinking about it, it stops you dead in your tracks, etc…) then that is a good sign you should have it in your home! From there you have to decide what room you want the art to go in, take measurements, and plan the space! But my advice is this: if a piece of art speaks to you, then buy it!

And that's that! Aren't they so fun?! And talented...



Get some sleep...if you can. And get ready - we have a lot in store for 2018!