Wednesday Five - 12

I first want to say - THANK YOU! Thank you so much for reading this blog and following along and supporting us and hopefully enjoying our client (and personal) projects and our weekly potpourri of thoughts. We had a flurry of comments on last week's Wednesday Five and it was so flippin' exciting. So, again, thank you!

If you're new to the Wednesday Five, I'll fill you in. Every Wednesday, we post about our past week. Anything interesting that we've been up to, whether it's a recipe we tried or a new television show we're watching. We pull together sales roundups and share insight about our favorite home design trends. It's a little bit of everything.

And now, all the fun and truly random stuff we've been up to.

1. Free Printables

It occurred to me recently that not everyone has heard of The Little Umbrella, which is truly devastating...somewhat for The Little Umbrella and mostly for you. It's an awesome resource for DIYers and party hostesses alike. It offers free printables for all sorts of stuff - baby shower games, Valentine's Day cards, nursery art, and a whole lot more. And it's all beautiful and even feels boutiquey. Many of the printables are also customizable. For, example, the colors and the letter/name in the print below are all customizable. So fun. It's the sort of website you can really get lost on and there goes an hour...or two.

Gray Oak Studio - customizable prints from The Little Umbrella

2. Back to School and Labor Day Sales

There are a ton of sales happening now and coming this weekend for both "back to school" and Labor Day. Anthropologie has an extra 20% off sale items. H&M has free shipping on orders over $40 with code "0040". Target has a ton on sale with an additional %15 off select home items, including rugs...and we rounded up a bunch for you.

Gray Oak Studio - Target Rug Sale Roundup

Top left counterclockwise (ish) - black and white chevron / home / home sweet home / navy and white plaid / green and teal tassel / beige and multi pom pom / jute / blue jacquard pattern

3. Peach Cobbler

Not last weekend, but the weekend before, was the annual peach festival at a local farm and I went peach picking with the fam. It was a lot of fun. But, the peaches were rock hard. Like - don't drop that peach because if it lands on your toe your gonna be in a world of pain - rock hard. But, we shrugged and picked a whole bunch anyway. We figured they would ripen in a bowl on the kitchen counter over the next week.

Then, my husband's coworker gave us some great advice - put the peaches in a brown paper bag and put the bag in the fridge. It turns out that if you let rock hard peaches ripen in a bowl on the counter it'll take forever and they might go bad before they get ripe, which almost doesn't make sense, but is apparently true. We followed this wise coworker and a week later had perfectly ripe, unspoiled peaches. One problem solved, but another problem immediately upon us because they were all perfectly ripe at the same time. Who can eat that many peaches?! And so, I made peach cobbler. I found a really easy recipe (here). I'd love some recipe suggestions for how you use a dozen perfectly ripe peaches. 

4. Armchair Expert - New Favorite Podcast

I recently discovered a new podcast: Armchair Expert. It's a big winner. The premise is really simple: Dax Shepard interviews fellow actors/singers/entertainers. They get really deep at times and really raunchy at times and really funny almost all the time. Dax has a really organic way of pulling unfiltered thoughts and stories from his guests. My favorite episode thus far is with Mila Kunis. Although the first episode, with his wife Kristen Bell, is really good too. They're all about 2 hours long so I find myself listening in 20 minute snippets while I'm doing the dishes or folding laundry. It's NOT kid friendly, so don't attempt to listen in the presence of small ears.

5. Behr Color of the Year for 2019

A few week's back we shared the PPG color of the year for 2019 - nightshade, a deep, dark green. Well, Behr has officially announced its own 2019 color of the year and it's on a little bit of a different page. It's called Blueprint and it's not as moody, although still saturated. As more and more brands announce their 2019 colors, it'll be fun to see if there are trends.

Gray Oak Studio - Behr 2019 color of the year blueprint

That's all for this week. By next week's Wednesday Five, we'll be officially back to school around here. Hard to believe the summer is officially over. Well, almost - enjoy Labor Day weekend! 

- Leah


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