What Home Decor and Furnishings to Get On Amazon

We are big Amazon.com shoppers...like the rest of the world. We buy bulk paper towels and toys and your occasional grocery item. Dental floss. Hand soap. Slippers. The list goes on and, you may be surprised to hear, includes home decor and even the occasional piece of furniture. With many fellow Amazon shoppers out there, we thought it might be helpful to divulge some of our favorite categories of home decor/furnishings to buy on Amazon because it's super convenient and often cost effective.


First up, plants. You didn't see that coming, did you? We have had great success buying plants on Amazon! Our preferred place to buy plants is definitely our local greenhouse, but that's not always convenient. In comes Hirt's Garden, an online greenhouse...sort of. Hirt's sells all sorts of plants via Amazon and we've found them to be healthy and beautiful. We've purchased fiddle leaf fig trees and pothos plants so far. They're little guys, so you'll need a green thumb to grow them to the formidable size you want (a much easier task with the pothos plant than the fiddle leaf).


Planters and Plant Pots

Along with plants, we've had great success with planters and plant pots on Amazon. They're considered seasonal items in some stores, so you can't always find a great selection depending on the time of year you're looking. There's no such thing as seasonal on Amazon.

The cuties below are just as adorable in person (we know first hand).


Light Bulbs

With so many light fixtures featuring exposed light bulbs, getting a beautiful light bulb is really important. There are an infinite number of options, but probably only a few at your local Home Depot or Lowes. On Amazon, you can find it all. Leah used the bulbs below in the remodel of her kid's bathroom.


Rae Dunn Stuff (and some cute knock offs)

We're fans of Rae Dunn pottery. Her pieces fall into that sweet spot of simultaneously vintage and modern. And, she has a great sense of humor, which is always appreciated. You can spot her stuff at TJMaxx, Marshalls and HomeGoods, but the pickings can be slim and you'll rarely find exactly what you're looking for. And so, you know what I'm about to say, check Amazon! The prices aren't always as good, but you can usually find the specific piece you want.

We're particularly fond of the cereal/soup/ice cream bowls.

We've also discovered a pretty great cheater brand. It's Mud Pie and it's also sold on Amazon. Check out the resemblance...

Mud Pie Knockoff Rae Dunn.jpg

sponge holder / appetizer plates / oil and vinegar decanter / cracker tray

Target Stuff for Less

Here's an old trick of the trade: Amazon sells many of the same home furnishings as Target...for less. You won't find the Target specific lines, like Project 62 or Threshold, but most other brands you will. So, before you commit to something on Target, comparison shop on Amazon. Here are two examples we recently found. 

Here's one more trick - Target will price match. So, if you want to buy everything from Target because it's more convenient or easier to return, just call Target customer service and they will match the Amazon price, even after you've made the purchase.

That's it for now! But stay tuned for client project reveals over the next couple weeks. We have two installs coming this week and next, so be sure to check our Instagram stories for behind the scenes moments. 

- Leah, Michele & Sonia


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