Interview with Marie Flanigan

In the past couple months we've shared interviews with CC and Mike Creative and Bria Hammel Interiors. It's been such a treat to rub elbows (aka exchange emails) with such talented, influential designers. Today we're more than a little excited to share an interview with Marie Flanigan. 

Marie is at the helm of an amazing interior design studio based out of Houston, Texas - Marie Flanigan Interiors. Her work has such an incredible range. There are minimalist, modern spaces like the stunner below.


And rustic, masculine havens like this.


Her portfolio is major eye candy. We highly recommend you check it out. 

Ok, let's get to it. We were so grateful when Marie agreed to answer of few, fun questions for us. And, now, so delighted to share her wisdom with you. 

Gray Oak - First of all, we love your clean, warm and timeless style. We are constantly scrolling through your IG
account for inspiration! Just wondering how do you tap into your client's style when it differs from your

Marie - Homes should be a reflection of the unique individuals living within and I always design with an open
mind and open ears. I’ve discovered that every client brings a fresh perspective to the way we work,
allowing us to try new things and explore new avenues. So much magic exists in the moments when
everyone is stretching and growing!

Gray Oak - Staying on top of the latest design trend is such a fun part of the job (how great is all the green!?).
What are the best design trends you’re seeing in Texas?

Marie - You’re so right – it’s a blast seeing what’s haute on the horizon each year! I prefer a timeless palette
and tend to stick with the classics, but I enjoy accenting that palette with trendier selections that can be
rotated out with ease. This isn’t really considered a trend but my favorite design elements are those
crafted from authentic materials, including deconstructed, raw, and minimalist products. I also love the
element of surprise and feel drawn to the drama of oversized light fixtures, heavy textures, and
statement drapery that layer a space with interest without being dependent upon the use of bold color!

Gray Oak - What is your favorite type of room (bathroom, kitchen, etc.) to design and why?  

Marie - One of my greatest joys is designing intimate gathering spaces where families can build lasting
memories. So much of our lives are centered around the joy of sharing a hearty meal or tender
conversation, and that makes kitchens and dining spaces a few of the most powerful rooms in the

Gray Oak - Last, and best, what is your dream design project?! 

Marie - I feel like I’m living out my dream every day! Our clients place a great deal of trust in our team and we
cherish that opportunity to experiment and play. I would love to work on more vacation properties,
including a home overseas, because who isn’t having fun when you’re designing for leisure?! Another
dream is adding to the Marie Flanigan Collection by partnering with one of our luxury vendors on the
design of furnishings or lighting – here’s hoping 2018 is the year when all of our dreams come true!

One more incredible design from Marie before we sign off. 


Do you not just want to LIVE in this bathroom? Who needs a refrigerator if that's your vanity?! The millwork, the floors, the elegant decor. gorgeous.

We are so thankful to Marie for sharing her interior design knowledge and hope to continue bringing you interviews with such MAJOR leaders in the field. We'll be back with a new post next Monday. Have a great week!

- Leah, Michele & Sonia