Gray Scale Throw Pillows Under $30

We've done two installs in the last four days and, as a result, have throw pillows on our minds. I guess we always have pillows on our minds...but just a little more than usual these days. If you follow us on Instagram or Facebook, you know we like bringing lots and LOTS of pillows to our install days. When it comes to pillows, there are never too many options (and never too many pillows!!!). 

Today we've rounded up some of our favorite gray scale pillows - white, black and everything in between - and they're all under $30! For those that are just pillow covers, we love getting the inserts at Joann Fabrics. Don't forget your coupon! 

Oh, and about those installs, definitely check Instagram and Facebook this week for sneak previews. You can expect full reveals on the blog in the coming weeks.

Gray Scale Pillow Under 30.jpg