Holiday Gift Guide - Leah's Picks

We're back with more holiday gift ideas and today they're MY favorites (Leah...that's me). Like Michele's picks, I have 3 categories of goodies for you: Home, Her and Him. I gave you all sorts of price points and truly would love to own each and everything on my list, which I think is the best read on whether you're giving a good gift - do you want it yourself.

Here are my picks for the home - his home, her home, their home...your home...

Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 6.50.40 PM.png

1. Faux Fur Throw - Cozy and a little glam. This is a great gift because most wouldn't spend this much on themselves for a throw blanket ($79), but everyone wants this throw blanket. 

2. Bird Water Globe - A plant in a beautiful planter with this self-watering globe would make the perfect gift for just about anyone, including those hard-to-gift family members...we all have them.

3. Echo 2.0 by Amazon - I own the first edition and I'm obsessed. My whole family is. My favorite part of morning routine is when my daughter asks Alexa to tell her a dinosaur fact. While I don't know as of yet, I'd be willing to wager that Amazon is going to put these guys on sale for black Friday later this week. 

4. Illustrated Globe - This little globe (comes in 4" and 9" ) is from Target (great price point) and there are a ton of places to pick from: London, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, San Francisco, Washington DC, New York, Chicago, LA and USA. It's just such a sweet gift for someone with a special connection to one of these great places.

5. Daphne Stemless Wine Glasses by American Altelier - Don't these scream CELEBRATE!!! So fun and fancy.

6. Utensil Holder by Rae Dunn - I'm fully on the Rae Dunn bandwagon. I own about 6 of her mugs (you can find them at TJMaxx/Marshalls/HomeGoods) and they're as stylish and sturdy as they look online. This canister full of fun utensils would make a great gift for a new homeowner. 

7. Wooden Candle Holder - Two of these sweet, simple, rustic candle holders with two tapered candles would rock a secret santa.

Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 9.06.57 PM.png

1. Classic Retro-X Waterproof Vest by Patagonia - This classic Patagonia vest won't go out of style. It looks great and it's truly warm.

2. The Ultimate Ski Book - My husband is a big skier and this book would make him giddy. It's also a beautiful coffee table book, which I can totally appreciate.

3. Travel French Press by Bodum - For a serious coffee aficionado, french pressed coffee is the ticket. This travel mug is also a french press. Boom.

4. eTip Apex ClimateBlock Gloves by The North Face - Every New Englander needs a legit pair of gloves. These are low profile and perfect for cleaning off a car on an icy morning.

5. Hooded Cotton Sweater - Doesn't this sweater look perfectly casual and comfortable? And it's super reasonably priced.

6. Larimer Crew Socks by Smartwool - Stuff his stocking with these stockings...errr, socks. Seriously though, Smartwool knows their socks. They keep your feet warm and cozy in all weather, and on your couch. 

Finally, gifts for her.

Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 10.26.50 PM.png

1. iPhone case by Sonix - I have a Sonix case for my phone and I love it. It's so sturdy and so feminine. 

2. Monogram gem necklace - I love colorful accessories because I don't dress very colorfully. I picture this jeweled necklace over a simple white t-shirt and it makes me smile. 

3. One line a day journal - For the woman who wants to feel inspired and get a little deeper in 2018, but (like most of us) doesn't have time for meditation or yoga or spiritual retreats. Writing just one line a day (or every couple days) in this beautiful book will make her feel like she's moving in the right direction.

4. Air max thea knit sneaker by Nike - Like many, I'm all over fashion sneakers. I also can't justify buying another pair. But, if they were a gift...

5. Striped infinity scarf - Again with the colorful accessory. Great contrast for your standard black winter coat and so cozy.

6. Smith's rosebud tin gift set - This is my favorite lipgloss, it gives the perfect shine. It feels great and smells delicious. 

7. Metallic shopper - I don't consider myself very girly, but there's something about rosegold that has my heart. This big ole tote is so cool and so practical and so reasonably priced.

Stay tuned for Sonia's picks next week! And good luck mentally and physically preparing yourself for Thanksgiving. I fully plan to take down an entire pie. I'll stretch it over the course of 48 hours...maybe 72...but it's gonna happen. 

- Leah

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