Round-up: Basket Planters

We are big fans of big plants. They give a room height, they infuse color and they add visual interest. They, literally, bring life to a room. We could (and probably will) write a post just about our big love for big plants. Today, however, we're going to talk about big planters. Big basket planters, to be more precise.


(from our Southend Project)

When you bring one of these leafy beauties into your home, she is going to need a suitable planter. Our favorite kind is a large basket tote. The handles are key for moving it around when you need to clean or introduce it to a new window because it wasn't getting along with the first.


(from our Homestead Project)

One thing to keep in mind is that baskets are porous. So, you can't actually plant the your fiddle leaf fig (or braided hibiscus...or snake plant...or whatever you choose) directly into the basket. Soil and water directly in your basket planter will lead to mud seeping through the woven crevices onto your floor. Yuck. Make sure your plant remains in a functional pot with a plate underneath if there's a hole in the bottom. By "functional pot" you could very well keep it in the plastic pot it came in from the store. Then put the whole thing into your glorious basket tote.

Here are some inexpensive options and number 5 has a built-in plastic liner, so you can actually plant directly into it.

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Happy Monday and happy big planting.

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