Wednesday Five - 23

It’s Wednesday…night. Delayed again on getting this to ya. It’s becoming the norm. But, no use in dwelling.

1) I’ve been binging on The Good Place (Netflix) and I suggest you do the same. I started watching when it first came out, but it fell off my radar pretty quickly. Not because I didn’t enjoy it, but because my roster was full at the time. Too many shows, too little time. Anyway, my current obsession with Armchair Expert reminded me of how much I liked it (Armchair Expert is hosted by Dax Shepard, married to Kristen Bell, star of The Good Place).

It’s really funny and gets just a touch deep when it’s needed. The episodes are 30 minutes (23 minutes no commercials), great for binging. Every episode there are references to acts that will land you in The Bad Place…and it’s hilarious. Exhibit A: watching anything from The Bachelor Franchise (I’m a goner). There’s living in Florida, wearing a fedora, you get the gist. Hilarious!

2) If you didn’t hear, Joanna and Chip Gaines are coming back to TV! I’m paraphrasing, but they confirmed that they will be back in 2019 and we’ll all get to watch their family grow up. They’re in talks with the Discovery Network to run their own show. It’s only a matter of time until they run the country…the world…the universe…

3) More big Gray Oak updates. We’ve updated our services for 2019 and we’ve added an “in the middle” option. We get so many requests for something more than a one-time consultation but less than a full service package. So check out our services page and give us a holler ( or fill out an online submission form).

4) If you’re kiddos are into skiing, or if it’s just crazy cold outside where you live (like here) - I highly recommend Turtle Fur. At my house we have regular turtle fur gators (just around the neck) for the kids, but these guys are pretty awesome. They fit perfectly under a ski helmet. And they come in so many different styles, below are just a few. Stocking stuffer?

Gray Oak Studio - Wednesday Five - Stocking Stuff Turtle Fur for Kids

Space / Unicorn / Pink Furry / Buffalo Check

5. And the Pantone Color of the Year is: Living Coral. We’ve given you a lot of “color of the year” announcements throughout the year. Basically everyone makes a prediction. I think we did at some point? If not, maybe we should have? Anyway, the one predictor that really, truly matters is Pantone. So, we finally have it. And I’m…uncertain…of how I feel…

Gray Oak Studio - Wednesday Five - Pantone Color of the Year 2019

Have a great rest of your week!

- Leah

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Wednesday Five - 22

Hi There. It’s Wednesday again. Which is sort of feeling a little stressful because the days left before Christmas are quickly diminishing. So much to do, so little time to do it. Oh goodness.

1. Speaking of the new year being less than a month away, we have a fun new thing we’re launching in 2019: Ask Gray Oak Studio. We want to answer all our design questions. Maybe you’re uncertain on how to mix metal finishes. Maybe you’ve seen something in one of our projects that you loved and want tips on how to create a similar vignette in your home. Maybe you want to know our favorite white paint color. Whatever your question is, we are excited to answer it.

Once a month on our Instagram Stories, we’ll dive into all the questions and give you all the answers. So, email us, DM us, leave a comment with any design question you have. We’re excited to offer you guys some quick, easy solutions.

2. Is it me or are Scout Elves are about as common as Christmas trees. Right? The head of marketing for Elf on a Shelf should be teaching at Harvard. She created a market and then cornered it. Amazing. So, our elf is named Snowflake. She’s a she (she has earrings…duh) and this is her first year with us. We’re very green to this whole thing. But, thank you internet, I found The Unofficial Parents Guide to Elf on the Shelf. One can go deep into this world, but staying on the low key side of things I found a lot of use in this guide.

I also found out about a “upgrade kit” you can buy on Amazon to make your elf more moldable (I’m envisioning Gumby-like). And…I got it. It hasn’t arrived yet, I’ll keep you posted. If you’re into it, there’s SO much out there to really amp up the experience. There are elf casts, elf graphic tees (you read that correctly), a “tool kit” for the actual elf (think canes and chairs and signs)…so much guys, so much. .


3. This week we had another install! A modern, polished, adult living room. We showed a bunch of sneak peeks on our Instagram stories. Here are some if you missed them. The room is still missing window treatments, but we couldn’t wait any longer to share.

Gray Oak Studio - Dover Project Living Room
Gray Oak Studio - Dover Project Living Room
Gray Oak Studio - Dover Project Living Room
Gray Oak Studio - Dover Project Living Room

We hope to write some project posts over the holiday break. We’ve had three installs in the last two months and will get you details on everything…soon…

4. You know I’m obsessed with podcasts (Sonia is too by the way!). Well, Sonia found Time Magazine’s roundup of the best podcasts right now. I think it’s finally time for me to jump on the Serial train. Season 3 is out and I hear it’s as good as Season 1. So, the question is, do I skip right to season 3? Or do I start at the beginning? Hmmm…


5. The Sorel Out N About boots are new to me for this season and I love them. I love them. I do. The weather around here (Massachusetts) has been rainy and cold for what seems like months. And these guys have been clutch for keeping me warm and dry through each stop on my average frenzied day. It’s nice to not have to pull on my full on rain boots every time I run to the bus stop.


That’s it for this week.

- Leah

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Wednesday Five - 21

So, I totally blew off last Wednesday’s blog post. Which you already know…because no blog post came to your email inbox last Wednesday. Wait, you do know that you can subscribe to this blog. Right? To make sure that you don’t miss a post. Right?

Well, if you don’t yet subscribe, I’ll make it super easy:


Okay, back to last Wednesday, when I didn’t post a Wednesday Five blog post. I must have a lot of guilt because I can’t seem to move on. So, I host Thanksgiving. And that is my excuse. Between food prep, in-laws arriving from out of town, special festive school stuff with the kiddos, it didn’t happen.

But I’m here today!!!

1) This week and last, we posted a couple photos (on Instagram and Facebook) of the foyer from our Hutchins Project. Exhibit A:

Gray Oak Studio - Hutchins Project - Foyer

Side note: check out all sorts of family room pics from our Hutchins Project in our portfolio.

Back to the foyer. We got tons of comments and questions about those beautiful stems. Well, they’re faux (aka not real…aka totally fake). But they look real. They kinda, sorta feel real. You don’t have to give them light, water and love. And they last foreva.

Now, you know we’re plant ladies. We believe in plants they way most people around here believe in Tom Brady. And Sonia can even keep them alive. But, faux stems have come a long way.

And now, obviously, a roundup. These are stems we’ve used and loved or get great reviews.

Gray Oak Studio - Wednesday Five - Faux Stem Roundup

Top Left, clockwise - 16” Ortata Stems ($9 - on clearance!) / Desert Rose Succulent ($4) / Flocked Snowy Pine Stem ($9) / Petal Leaf Branch ($35) / Silver Dollar Eucalyptus ($18 for 6 stems) / Monstera Leaf ($20)

2) Mary Poppins Returns is coming. I haven’t been so excited for a movie in a really long time. Mary Poppins is one of my favorite movies from childhood and I have a renewed love for it in recent years, watching it with my daughters. Here is the trailer if you’ve missed it.

3) We are still pulling together some additional holiday gift guides (click here for the one we posted over the weekend), but in the meantime I wanted to share one of my favorite gifts from last Christmas. A year later I’m still obsessed with this gift: sheets. Gorgeous, comfy, soft, perfect, sheets. From Brooklinen. They might be a little more pricey then you typically spend on sheets, but first, they’re worth it (seriously), and second, isn’t that the mark of a good gift? Something you wouldn’t buy yourself because the price point is a little much.

Below is the pattern I was gifted.


4) Carson Kressley spoke our love language in a recent episode of his new show Get a Room with Carson and Thom. Let’s back up and talk about the show itself. The former Queer Eye castmates (Carson Kressley and Thom Filicia) decorate rooms of all shapes and sizes on budgets of all shapes and sizes. It’s on Bravo and, yes, it’s another home makeover show. But a good one. Great for binging.

Anyway, Carson said (in episode 2) that blue can be used as a neutral, not just a pop of color. And he used the term “Bluetral”, which we will start using immediately and often. Blue being a neutral color is absolutely, 1000% our belief. If you’re a client reading this (thank you!) you’ve probably heard us preach this exact concept. We love using blue in our designs. And we use it interchangeably with gray, ivory and beige. Here is an example of blue as a neutral (again with the Hutchins Project!):

Gray Oak Studio - Wednesday Five - Using Blue as a Neutral Color

To take this idea one step further, where blue is used as a neutral, you can and should feel free to choose another color as your pop. Go for it! And there concludes our design tip of the day.

5) Did you know we have a Pinterest page? We don’t talk about it much. It gets outshined by its dominating, older siblings (Instagram and Facebook). But it exists and it’s worth checking out. We add to our boards ALL. THE. TIME. And we have a bazillion boards that range from “tile we love” to “hostess gifts”.

Until next Wednesday.

- Leah

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