You're ready to redesign your home - the layout is crazy, the lack of organization has become a safety hazard and the wall color was the prior homeowner's choice. But, the process of achieving your dream home is overwhelming. Should you move the couch or the wall? Get a new rug or install shiplap? What exactly is shiplap?! That's where we come in. Whether you need a full-scale renovation or an inspired room makeover, the Gray Oak Studio team is ready for your challenge. We will simplify and streamline the process as we inform your decisions and guide your path to a beautifully curated, functional home that you truly love. (We can even define shiplap, if you're interested)

We have 2 design packages: Designer for a Day and Full Service Interior Design. Scroll down to read up on each option, see pricing and figure out which package is best for your project.

Designer For A Day

This package is great if you have one particular pain point or problem area in your home and you just need a little guidance and are willing to self execute. The Designer for a Day package includes a 1 hour visit to your home and 4 hours of follow-up design work. The hour is spent getting to know you, your family and your design pain points. The follow-up time is spent in our office as we work to source a few pieces and to find solutions to your problem areas. Following our in-home meeting, we will send you a detailed email summarizing our design suggestions as well as visuals that provide examples of ideas we discussed. While we won’t be able to give you a completely furnished room (see below if you’re interested!), we will provide you with shoppable links of a variety of choices for you to use and self-execute. This package is ideal for someone who wants to transform one or two small spaces and needs a little inspiration to get going, but feels comfortable pulling our recommendations together on their own in a cohesive way.

Price - $600

Full Service Interior Design

Our full service interior design package includes every element of design in a space. From the concept to the installation of every last accessory - we will truly handle it all. The finished room will be beautiful, cohesive, polished and function for the specific needs of your family. The projects you see in our portfolio are the result of full service interior design packages.

Here’s how it works:

Initial Meeting - We start with a face-to-face meeting where we discuss your style, the details of your project and your budget. If you don’t yet have a budget, head to our FAQs for some ideas on how to start developing one. During this initial meeting, we will take photographs and lots of measurements and even begin the creative process...because we can't help ourselves! We'll also answer all your questions about interior design in general and our unique approach to creating beautiful spaces.

The Big Picture Concept - Next up, we drill down on your style and develop our big picture ideas for the project. A great tool for this part of the project is Pinterest. We collaborate on Pinterest boards to share ideas and inspiration.

Creative Presentation - Then comes the creative presentation. We present you a detailed plan of how we will transform your space: the layout (with to-scale visuals), the individual elements (more visuals!) and samples (fabric, tile, etc.) where applicable. We'll have a plan for everything - from wall color to cabinet pull - and we'll lay it all out in a comprehensive and tangible presentation. 

Purchasing - Once you approve our plan, it's time for purchasing. We handle all purchasing, from sofas to tea candles. We track down out of stock items (we’re besties with customer service). We take care of any hiccups that arise, like furniture damage and delivery issues. 

Subcontractor Execution - Some projects will involve subcontractors (i.e. electrician, painter, carpenter, etc.). We want to make sure our design is executed perfectly, and this means having precursory design meetings with all subcontractors and making onsite visits when their work is executed.

Install Day - When all items are received, we schedule an install date. And then the real magic happens. We spend an entire day in the space fine tuning the layout and accessorizing each corner and vignette. This is the part when the space truly becomes home.

Last up - Enjoy!

Pricing - The cost of full service design package varies based on the scope of the project

To schedule a consultation for a full service interior design package, please submit an inquiry form on our Contact Us page. You can also check out our FAQs for greater detail on our design process.

*Please note: We are not contractors. We work with subcontractors to oversee the “design” element of their work, and we do not produce permitted construction documents.