Wednesday Five - 1st Edition

Here we are with our first Wednesday Five! It's very exciting.

But first, a quick note, we will be revealing more from our Pearl Street Project (the dining room) and Pilgrim Project (the mudroom) on our Facebook and Instagram accounts over the next week or so. We will eventually get you a full bog post with details, but we don't want to keep those "after" photos hidden any longer!

Ok. Here we go...


1. Why is interior design so important? We instinctively know it is, but why? We started Gray Oak Studio based on personal passion for decorating our own homes and helping friends do the same. But, creating a beautiful space is actually only part of why we love our job SO much. We recently read an article from Tara Lenney Designs that captured the other part really, really well. It's a great read for anyone interested in making their own home beautiful, whether you're a DIYer or getting ready to hire interior designers.


2. I (Leah) went bathing suit shopping and shopping...and shopping over the past couple weeks in excitement and fearful anticipation of the approaching warm weather. After having my 3rd baby in January, I've officially graduated to one pieces (it's long overdue, but better late then never...). I found a small handful of winners and scored my favorite (below) for $25 with a promo code. It is super slimming (fully lined with cups) and classic, but not boring. I just need a big floppy hat to wear with it and I'm golden.


I also grabbed this one.


3. If you're not on the podcast train, it's time. There is so much amazing content out there. We're huge Young House Love Has A Podcast fans and look forward to Mondays thanks to their weekly episodes. Sherry and John Petersik are DIYers at their core, but they're also kids of the 80s, parents of 2 young kids, Real Housewife fans...


4. We love letter boards (like everyone). They're a dash of humor. They're personalizable (...not a word). They're budget friendly. We recently found an sweet, small biz that makes beautiful letter boards along with a bunch of other beautiful things - Letterfolk. I recently purchased some journals and I love them.

From our  Pilgrim PRoject  

From our Pilgrim PRoject 


5. Swedish Death Cleaning. This is a thing. And, at the moment, a very popular thing. It seems to be an extension of the Minimalist movement, the Marie Condo method and Hygge. All of these similar ways to reduce the amount of stuff we bring into our lives. Anything that gives concrete methods for reducing the material thing clutter and focusing on the special people moments is exactly where we want to be. So, we plan to read up and get to the bottom of this slightly brutal new trend, we'll keep you posted.


Until next Wednesday (or sooner!)

- Leah, Sonia & Michele


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