Wednesday Five - 2

Hi There. It's Wednesday again! That came quick, didn't it?

Around here, we're wrapping up the school year with lots of concerts, picnics and parties. It's been an action packed couple weeks on the home front. We've already consumed our annual limit of hot dogs. Limits are meant to be exceeded, no? AND, we decided to squeeze in an install for a family room we've been working on since January. Our client's kiddos are also finishing up the school year and we wanted to make sure their new space was ready for summer fun.

It's technically not 100% complete because we're missing a gallery wall and window treatments. So, we'll get you truly finished photos later in the summer. Here's a quick look before we dive into the Wednesday Five.

Gray Oak Studio Mayberry Family Room Project

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1. How often do you wash your dish towels? Or...let's back up. Do you say dish towels or kitchen towels? I guess I spoiled my answer. Well, turns out you should be washing your dish/kitchen towels EVERY. DAMN. DAY. Thanks Better Homes & Gardens for this article, which sent me into a momentary spiral of all the other things that I should be cleaning for more frequently than I do. 

2. I'm having a kimono moment. I keep seeing all these beautiful open front, cardigan style, floral kimonos and I want one. It's not at all my style. But it's calling me. I can't decide whether I get the one I want (this one) or the budget-friendly option (this one) because I'm probably never going to wear it either way. 

3. We're working on two new projects that both require some temporary art. Personal, meaningful art is the goal, but that's not always possible. You might own an 8x10 piece and the space requires a 20x24 piece. Or what you own isn't room appropriate - the old fruit-bowl-painting-over-the-toilet problem. In these situations we recommend going a budget-friendly, universally appealing route. For this, we've searched high and low and consistently come back to Etsy. We used some beautiful prints from South Pacific (an Etsy shop) for our Homestead living room project. Do you have any favorite Etsy shops where you print shop?


4. Plants are a huge part of our styling. And so, we're always keeping our eyes out for beautiful and interesting planters. We discovered this cutie (below) from World Market and it was love at first sight.


5. Domino had a great article this week on some basic Dos and Donts for decorating your home. For example, DO take scale into account. We think this is fundamental to creating a room that feels comfortable and polished. It also isn't always instinctive and takes some consideration. There are a bunch of gems like this. All with great visual examples, and lots of deep links to checklists and more detailed resources. 

Have a great rest of your week!

- Leah


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