Leah's 2018 Design Goal

January is a great time for resolution making. It's also a great time for design goal making. If it's not completely obvious, design goals are goals you have to update/renovate/transform your house. And it doesn't have to be your whole house, in fact that would be a totally unrealistic, stress-inducing, setting-yourself-up-to-fail goal. Instead, the idea is to pick something narrow and achievable. Successfully meeting any goal leads to more goal making and more goal achieving.

With the blog to keep us honest, Sonia, Michele and I are all going to reveal our 2018 design goals to you over the next couple weeks. Because we don't just design and transform other people's homes, we are constantly working on the transformation of our own homes. And we fully expect you to question us, remind us (and even berate us for procrastination) as the year plays out and (hopefully) our goals become reality.

I'm up first and I'm really excited about my goal because it really needs to be achieved. Here it is: CLOSET ORGANIZATION.

The inside of my closets are not just eyesores that lack any semblance of function. They are truly dangerous. Opening my cleaning supply closet will almost definitely result in a concussion as a mop handle swings at your dome. My linen closet is partially full of bottled water. Hmmmm...take that one in. My basement storage closets, which I'm very lucky to have, are full of things...things I can't tell you about because I don't know. These closets are so completely disorganized there's truly no telling what's in them. I won't even attempt to describe the state of my clothing closet or garage. 

So, my design goal is really a design necessity. Now for the fun part - my inspiration, so far. 

SOURCE  (Bliss at Home)

SOURCE (Bliss at Home)

That's a magical linen closet. It's not so big. But, manages to look beautiful without skimping on use of a single inch. 

SOURCE  (house of philia)

SOURCE (house of philia)

I love this closet. My own closet is a small walk-in that I share with my husband. It has a window, which is awesome for the natural light, but not awesome for the wall real estate it takes away. Function will be top priority here because a heap of shoes in the middle of the closet floor isn't working out so well.

SOURCE  (A bowl full of lemons)

SOURCE (A bowl full of lemons)

This garage is dream like. Can you imagine?! It's so good it feels unachievable. But, let's not start down that path. I have 11 months to do this. And I will. I must...

As a general inspiration, I'm turning to The Home Edit (I'm a huge fan). The Home Edit is an organization company that has designed the closets, pantries, etc. of major celebs - like Gwyneth Paltrow. Apparently Gwyneth has more than one pantry. Of course. Anyway, it's completely ironic that I'm a huge fan of The Home Edit because I have harnessed absolutely none of the organization power they bestow on their followers. Until now. Until 2018.

Get ready mop in my cleaning closet, you're about to get properly secured to the wall. 

- Leah