Sonia's 2018 Design Goal

Last week, Leah revealed her 2018 design goal and this week I'm up!

If you've ever heard the old saying that it's the shoemakers children that always go barefoot, the same holds true for designers, our homes are not immune to spaces that need some design lovin'.  This year I'm on a mission to update my home office. Over the past year our office has become a landing spot for packages awaiting their return, random baby gear and a load of unorganized papers. This year my goal is to update my home office, so over the past few weeks I've been pinning away and developing a plan. 

My current home office has a few problems to be addressed: first, I share it with my husband and at the moment it is really set up for one person. There is only one desk and one chair. We need desk space and seating for two. The office is also lacking some necessary feng shui - the desk is currently facing a wall with a big ol' window on the opposite wall. Not an ideal layout, facing a wall is not great for productivity and doesn't provide much in terms of inspiration. Design wise, the room is lacking overall in texture, it's a bit one note and it needs something to bring it to life. Plants? Wall paper? Leather? Hmmmm....

On the bright side, it has lots of windows and gets amazing natural light. It's also a decent sized room and has some nice storage options. All major pluses. It's a great space, it's just a matter of making it work for our changing needs and updating the general aesthetic. Below are some initial ideas I've gravitated toward. You'll see deep blues, brass, dark gray and wood tones, neutral rugs, and two person working stations. 

( SOURCE : Amy Kartheiser Design)

(SOURCE: Amy Kartheiser Design)

( SOURCE : Studio McGee)

(SOURCE: Studio McGee)

(SOURCE: Traditional Home Office by Denver Interior Designers & Decorators Duet Design Group

(SOURCE: Traditional Home Office by Denver Interior Designers & Decorators Duet Design Group

Back to pinning...I'll keep you posted...

- Sonia