Wednesday Five - 8

Happy August everyone! 

The weather has finally turned around here. Last week was rainy, often down pouring, for the entire week. And, bonus, it was also SUPER hot. The classic New England recipe for extreme humidity (aka bad hair days). 

1. The good news about all the rain was that it didn't matter when I forgot to water my garden (which was every other day) know me and my black thumb. And so, come the weekend, I had quite the harvest. Some zucchinis, some cucumbers and lots of carrots. Which had me wondering if there was anything useful I could do with all my carrot greens (the stems of the carrots). Do you ever use carrot greens for anything? It felt so wrong to just throw them out.

Gray Oak Studio - Harvesting Home Garden

2. All the rain also required some creativity when it came to indoor activities. There was definitely some running around in the rain (with and without umbrellas), but I quickly ran through my indoor activity staples - fort building, board game playing and movie watching - and needed to hit up my reserves. I wanted to share a few less common rainy day activities that entertain my daughters (ages 3 and 5) without fail.

Story Pirates podcast - This kids' podcast so good. I truly enjoy when my kids want to listen. We have an Amazon Echo in the kitchen and they love sitting at the island and listening as the hosts sing and perform plays based on stories written by little kids. It also inspires the kids to write stories of their own.

- Cosmic Kids Yoga - This is a youtube series of kids yoga classes. Each class is the plot of a movie your kids love (Frozen, Trolls, Minecraft, etc.) set to yoga poses. The host, a really enthusiastic British woman who even dresses up in character now and then, tells the plot as a story and incorporates simple but real yoga poses.

- Tinkerlab:  A Hands-On Guide for Little Inventors - This is a great book of science experiments, recipes and art projects that you've never heard of or even thought of. They're mostly simple and almost always involve things you already have around your house (i.e. salt or toilet paper rolls). 

3. White wine slushies. They're trending on Pinterest. I've never had one, but I'm intrigued. I found a great recipe from Modernly Morgan that involves frozen grapes...which I love because half the grapes I buy always go to waste. The whole family scarfs the first half on the day they come home from the grocery store and then the second half just sits...and sits...and sits...until they are gross and squishy and end up in the trash. I'm checking into this recipe this weekend. I'll keep you posted...


4. Speaking of summer drinks...don't you just want to lounge here and have one?   

Gray Oak Studio pool side lounge chairs

5. We're back on Instagram with a new and very important poll: do you use the phrase "dog pile" or "pig pile" to refer to people jumping into a big pile on top of each other? This, admittedly, is the least interior design relevant poll we have ever taken. But it is also the MOST important poll we have ever taken as it will settle a long lasting decade long...between myself and my husband. Please head over to our Instagram account and vote (the poll is in our story). Or leave a comment here. Or something. The more evidence...the better...

Until next Wednesday!

- Leah


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