Changing It Up on the Blog

Hi There! So, you may have noticed that we've been a little MIA on the blog...ooops face emoji. Does anyone else talk (or think) in emojis? It's become an instinct and it's truly embarrassing.

Sorry about that!!! For the past year, we've been fairly consistent about giving you some Monday morning love, but for the past two Mondays we've fully dropped the ball. First we skipped Memorial Day. We were busy soaking in the one or two rays of sunshine that peaked out that day. Then came...a regular, old Monday. (No holiday excuse available) And we still missed a post.

Basically, we've been pretty darn busy with the interior design arm of this small business of ours. It's an incredible and frankly humbling problem to have. But, nonetheless, it's a problem because we don't want to slack on the blog. The blog is a critical part of Gray Oak Studio. We love sharing our interior design inspirations, random finds, design tips and more. It's an unstructured outlet for everything that doesn't fit into the neat box of a client project. It's also the home for our project reveals, where we can dive deeper into our design process and get a little braggy about our finished spaces. But, it's quite time consuming. So, when push comes to shove (aka - when minutes come to zero), we always have to give time to our clients over the blog. They are the driving force behind Gray Oak and the reason this blog exists.

 from our  Pilgrim Project

 from our Pilgrim Project

With all that, we had a little brainstorm about what to do when we're out of minutes and our weekly blog post isn't ready for y'all. How do we simplify without cheaping out?

Here's what we came up with: The Wednesday Five.

Catchy, right? Spirit finger emoji face.

We love reading the "Sunday 7" from our favorite bloggers. It's become a popular format for bloggers to spill anything and everything they've been thinking on all week into a potpourri Sunday post. Links to interesting articles, favorite items from an online sale, random happenings (professional or personal) from the week, etc. 

Rather than give you another Sunday 7, because that market is well saturated and, more importantly, because we think weekends are meant for families (...we try to put down the screens), we love the idea of a midweek touch base. Something fun to get through humpday to the other side of the week. 


So...that's the plan. Starting next Wednesday.