Brass Mirror Roundup

Like most finishes, "brass" encompasses many shades and tones. Everything from shiny gold to vintage-y bronze. We prefer the latter, but we've been known to embrace some shiny too.

Our Homestead Project featured two brass mirrors on either end of this wide spectrum. There's this beauty, which is on the shiny end. 

DSC_0312 copy.jpg

And this lovely round mirror has a muted, matte tone.


Finding the perfect mirror for a project takes quite a bit of hunting. Finding two is twice the hunt. Hence, following our Homestead Project, we were very well versed in variety of brass mirrors out there. A new project has us researching brass mirrors again - all shapes, sizes and shades. So, at the moment we feel like serious experts in this tiny, but very important decor niche.

Today we're sharing some of our favorites. Enjoy!

Brass Mirror Roundup.jpg

Clockwise from top left: Curved Rectangle (Bellacor) / Brass and White Acrylic (Lulu and Georgia) / Curvy Round (Anthropologie) / Moroccan ( / Chained Mirror (Anthropologie) / Round with Loop (World Market) / Inset Rectangle (One King's Lane) / Round Prism Frame (Hayneedle)


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