Wednesday Five - 20

After taking a break for a couple weeks to fill you in on our 2 Days 200 Dollars Challenge participation, we are back to sharing our potpourri of weekly happenings.

1. After sharing my odd interest in weighted blankets, I came across an article on about all different “types of blankets”. For example, the infinity blanket which “increases blood flow”…hmmm…and the footed blanket (think mermaid blanket for adults) and the ever popular wearable poncho blanket, to name a few. If you need a new blanket, before you hit up HomeGoods for your regular old knit throw, you may want to consider one of these guys.

2. Our 2018 Holiday Gift Guides are in the works, but in the meantime I have to share this sweet find from Etsy. It’s a serving dish, which everyone needs more of because they’re constantly being broken by small children and left at neighbors’ houses. Your favorite, sentimental recipe is printed onto the plate, making it not only a serving dish but also great for hanging on the wall in your kitchen.

Gray Oak Studio - Wednesday Five - Personalized Serving Dish with Recipe

3. Do you know what a Putz House is? Well, you probably do but you’ve never heard it referred to as a Putz House. They’re the little glimmery, shimmery, intricate Christmas houses or villages that people (maybe your grandma) uses as a holiday decoration. The white ceramic houses you see at Target (and everywhere) are a modern take on a Putz House. But, trend alert, the originals are coming back. Everyone from Neiman Marcus to Pier 1 has them in stock for you. So, get glam with your mini house this season.

Gray Oak Studio - Wednesday Five - Putz Houses

from top left, counterclockwise - 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

4. The confluence of two of my favorite things happened this past week. Dax Shepard interviewed Jerry Buting on his podcast (Armchair Expert). You already know I love Armchair Expert from a previous Wednesday Five. Well, I’m also a Making a Murderer addict. I’m currently binging Season 2. Jerry Buting was one of the defense lawyers in Season 1. If you’re into crime dramas…like me…this is a fascinating interview.

5. Moving on to Sonia’s obsessions. So, she has a slightly unhealthy love for all things Hamilton. You know Hamilton - the amazing Broadway production that catapulted Lin-Manuel Miranda into mega stardom. You may have caught Sonia’s incredible behind the scenes tour of the NYC stage on our Instagram stories last weekend. Well, for Sonia and her fellow Hamilton groupies out there, Leslie Odom Jr. (who was in the original Hamilton cast as Aaron Burr) has a new Christmas CD. Stocking stuffer anyone?

Gray Oak Studio - Wednesday Five - Leslie Odom Jr. Simply Christmas Album

Have a great rest of your week! It’s almost Turkey Day!

- Leah

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