Wednesday Five - 17

Oh hello there…a little later than usual. We try to have our Wednesday Five on the blog by 8 am on the nose every Wednesday. But today, that didn’t happen. I’m consumed by a really big, really fantastic client project that took precedent this week. Which means that last night, instead of writing a blog post, I was deep into a search for the perfect sconces.

1. If you are in the market for Halloween decor or kids’ costumes, Pottery Barn Kids has a sale TODAY. Go get em!

Gray Oak Studio - Wednesday Five - Halloween Round up

Light Up Pumpkin Tote / Boo Pumpkin / Koala Costume / Flower Fairy Costume / Harry Potter Slytherin Costume

2. Justin Timberlake designed a line for Levis. JT, Love. Levis, Love. High expectations on this front. And we shall see if they are met tomorrow (10/4) when the line comes out. Nordstrom will carry everything.

Gray Oak Studio - Wednesday Five - JT and Levis Collaboration

3. If you live in our neck of the woods, you grew up shopping at Toys R Us. And you were recently devastated when Toys R Us closed all stores due to bankruptcy. It looked like Amazon and Walmart and Target had simply put the toy store out of business. Well, look again! A cryptic tweet (“TRUbecontinued”) from the company has everyone (us included) wondering if they are going to make a comeback. Because what goes around comes all the way back around…total softball to reference a JT song after writing about JT.

4. Another local mention - In a few weeks, Boston is hosting Hub Week. If, like me, you have never heard of Hub Week, then you should check out the website. I’m totally paraphrasing, but it’s big festival of the next amazing ideas. All sorts of ideas. In technology, science and art. So everything from artificial intelligence to movies. Industry leaders are all going to sit around and chat each other up about the biggest and bestest new things in their field, and they’re going to do it in front of an audience that could include you. It runs from October 8-14.

5. Because you know my mind is already on the holidays (in last week’s Wednesday Five I talked about ideas for holiday family cards), this week I’m sharing a fun article from Elle Decor about holiday decorations for the great outdoors. Adding that twinkle and glow to your front stoop. You could certainly go down a deep, deep rabbit hole here, but I like the more understated ideas like a scarf on the front door and decorating your mailbox.

Until next week (hopefully on time)!

- Leah

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