Wednesday Five - 19

We’re back with a Wednesday Five after taking a quick break last Wednesday to reintroduce ourselves. This past week we jumped into a quick design challenge (see below) and next week we have our first install day in 4 months! Be sure to subscribe to this blog to stay in the loop and get all the details.

1. We joined the #2days200dollar challenge hosted by Cynthia Harper. The idea is to choose an overlooked space in your home and make some quick, inexpensive and impactful updates. We chose a bathroom and we went for it. Day 1 took place this past weekend - we posted lots of behind the scenes action in our Instastories and you can now check those out on our Instagram highlights. There was paint and electrical work and the MVP went to a window treatment.

Here’s a sneak peek.

Gray Oak Studio - 2 Days 200 Dollars Challenge - Bathroom Update

you’ve never heard of Cynthia Harper, we interviewed her earlier this year (check out that interview here). And you can also head to her website - Cynthia Harper Living - she’s an insanely talented stylist and social media influencer.

2. The fleece pullover that I eyed during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale this summer is now on sale again! And it’s restocked (lots of sizes sold out this summer). So, YES.

Gray Oak Studio - Wednesday Five - Nordstrom Wubbly Fleece Pullover

3. Paperfolk has the cutest, free printable “Halloween Parent Candy Tax” form. Thank goodness someone finally came up with official paperwork. Our house has a long standing Sour Patch Kid tax. And I believe local Congress just passed new taxes on Twix, Reese’s Cups and Snickers. (I previously mentioned Paperfolk in the very first Wednesday Five - they sell the sweetest journals, letterboards and more).

Gray Oak Studio - Wednesday Five - Parent Halloween Candy Tax from PaperFolk

4. It’s time to talk about weighted blankets. They’re exactly what they sound like - really heavy blankets. Most are 20 lbs. The idea is that the weight relieves stress and anxiety, and ultimately leads to a better night’s sleep. Since the start of the year I’ve been hearing about them more and more and now, apparently, Kourtney Kardashian swears by them. I don’t actually have trouble sleeping, but I’m just so curious. This may go on my holiday list this year. Just because.

5. Sonia has spent every free moment of her last week binging I’m Sorry. She says it’s ridiculous funny. Like, truly and actually laugh out loud. Cringe worthy at times (think Larry David in Curb Your Enthusiasm), but also relatable as the lead is a fellow mom just trying to get it done.


- Leah

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