Southend Project - The Entryway

It's our final reveal for the Southend Project. In case you missed the previous posts about this project: click here to see the living room and here to see the dining room. Today, we're wrapping it up with the entryway.

People often underestimate the importance of a home's entryway. It's like the cover of a book, and we all know the kind of judgment we pass on book covers...despite our parents having repeatedly instructed us not to do so. An entryway sets the tone for everything you're about to see. It also welcomes your guests and makes you feel happy to be home again. 


Our client wanted some storage, but that wasn't the priority because there's a huge closet on the opposite wall. Mostly, the space needed to feel welcoming with some basic functional elements: a bench, carpet and mirror. We also wanted to create a comfy feel without abandoning the overall minimalist design.

To handle the function aspect, we went with a hub mirror. It's modern and fun and perfect for that last minute is there anything between my teeth before I enter the outside world check. Its size is also great for bouncing light every which way in this naturally dark space.


We chose a classic, waterfall style bench from West Elm. As the sole piece of furniture in the space it will take the biggest beating, so the largest portion of the budget was earmarked for this beauty. Quick design tip: spend money on the thing you will use the most in the room and/or the thing that will have the greatest visual impact in the room. We're not suggesting to turn down a bargain. Heavens to Betsy no. But, quality is key when it comes to those heavily (ab)used items and, often, quality comes at a price.

We used baskets for a touch of additional storage. Our clients have a young daughter and these durable, floor level baskets are perfect for little hats and gloves. In the alternative, this space could be used for a boot tray or even some seasonal decorations (i.e. lanterns filled with mini pumpkins...because it all comes back to mini pumpkins).


To create a comfy vibe we accessorized with texture and muted colors. The pillows add both color and texture. Double whammy. The rug adds some interest and fun with its modern pattern, but stays relatively mellow thanks to the neutral tones. Patterns also disguise dirt - great for an entryway. 

And, of course, we brought in a big plant. We feel pretty strongly about plants being basically everywhere. Call us plant ladies...because we are. They're good for your mood and great for the air. In fact, NASA recommends that your home have 1 plant per every 100 square feet to keep the air well filtered.

We chose a snake plant because it's low maintenance - just because we're plant ladies, doesn't mean we have green thumbs...or that we expect our clients to have green thumbs. The snake plant will fair well with low light and little attention. When you're plant shopping, make sure to look at the little plastic stakes coming out of the soil in those individual pots. They indicate the amount of water and light a particular plants needs, which will help you find the right plant for the right spot in your house. You can also ask a nursery specialist, which is our go-to move. 


One last mention - the light fixture. It's black and geometric, which plays off the black rimmed hub mirror and the patterned rug and pillow. And, huge bonus, it's designed by one of our DIY/home design blogger favs: Sherry and John Petersik of Young House Love. 

Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 8.54.04 PM.png

And that's that!

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Below is a source list for your shopping pleasure and stay tuned next week for the Homestead Project, she's a beaut!!!

Flushmount light fixture - Shades of Light

Rug - Dash & Albert

Mirror - Houzz (get %5 off with our code: 4E318)

Bench - West Elm

Solid blue pillow - Target

Tufted diamond pillow - Target

Baskets - West Elm

Seagrass basket planter - Target (on clearance!!!)