We're Loving: Target's New Cloud Island Nursery Collection

Kids grow quick. SO quick! Too quick...

Their style and use of space grows just as quickly. A dresser will take the place of a changing table. Tea party tables will be replaced by homework desks. Almost everything in a child's bedroom is temporary in the sense that it's not intended to last a lifetime (or, in some cases, even a season).

And so, we don't believe in breaking the bank when it comes to curtains and toy storage and general decor. Save your bucks for the important stuff that will last (a bit) - beds and dressers. Everything else is bargain hunting territory.

When your on the hunt, we're big fans of IKEA, HomeGoods and Target. In our gold and pink girl's bedroom project we found everything from bedding to wire storage baskets at our beloved Target. Recently, Target came out with a new nursery line: Cloud Island. It's modern and playful without being super trendy and cheap. We've rounded up a couple of our favorite items below...it was hard to pick.

        1. Swaddle blankets  /  2. Wall storage  /  3. Owl plush toy  /  4. Blanket  /  5. Unicorn wall light     6. Playmat  /  7. Bird house night light  /  8. Light blocking curtains


Happy Monday. Have a great week!!!

- Leah

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