Gray Oak Studio - Sonia Brady Co-Founder and Principal Designer

Sonia - After designing and building her new construction home and completing a gut remodel on a second home, Sonia decided to leave her career as a school psychologist to follow her true passion in design. She loves the challenge of optimizing home spaces, is not afraid to add in some bold color and is always there to assure you that things might look a little scary before they look AMAZING, and that it’s all ok. Though she is originally an East Coaster, her time living in California has helped to shape the designer she is today and has deepened her passion for all things houseplant.


Gray Oak Studio - Leah Hook Co-Founder and Principal Designer

Leah - Leah is a true creative. She has won a photography award from The Boston Globe and wrote a successful blog before blogging was a thing. All the while she was designing and DIYing whatever home she lived in, from a Brooklyn brownstone to a 50’s ranch in the Boston suburbs. Professionally, she earned her law degree and practiced as a criminal defense attorney for nearly a decade before pivoting to interior design. She loves helping clients discover their personal style, working with green (natural) materials whenever possible (she also happens to love the color green), and finding those unicorn pieces that make the project, and the client, happy.