Sonia - From my New England roots to the years I lived in Northern California, my style combines traditional and coastal elements. I love to layer natural wood, geometric patterns and warm textiles to create comfortable and approachable spaces. I'm not afraid of color, personality or pattern, and I find inspiration in everyday objects. A bright pillow, unusual piece of art or bold wall covering can be inspiration for an entire room - it's a matter of identifying that special object or color that encapsulates how you want to feel in your home. As a natural problem solver, I enjoy finding the optimal use of space to promote functionality, which is a key to comfort and often missing in traditional New England homes that can lack storage options. 


Leah - I've lived in homes of all sizes and shapes, from a 475 sq. ft. Brooklyn brownstone apartment to a classic 50's ranch in the Boston suburbs. While the spaces ranged dramatically, my goal remained the same - create a home that feels calm, cozy and happy. Because, above all, your home should make you happy. My baseline style is scandinavian and I find inspiration in farmhouse, industrial and bohemian elements. "WOW! pieces", like an amazing light fixture or one-of-a-kind flea market find, are my design besties. I prioritize unique and personal decor that makes a house feel like a home and I believe beautiful design is attainable for everyone and every space.

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Michele - I was raised on Eastern Long Island, surrounded by beautiful beaches and miles of farm country. There I cultivated a joy for yard sale treasure hunts and furniture rehab. Years later, in NYC, I was introduced to sophisticated, modern styles and quickly learned to make efficient use of small spaces. My love of travel has exposed me to beautiful colors, textures and global aesthetics that I incorporate in my design. Nowadays, I live in Massachusetts and find myself, of course, influenced by that classic New England style. I believe your home should reflect your personality and taste, not just the hottest trend. And, most importantly, I believe your home should be your favorite place to be with your favorite people.