Gray Oak Studio - Sonia Brady Co-Founder and Principal Designer

Sonia - From my New England roots to the years I lived in Northern California, my style combines traditional and coastal elements. I love to layer natural wood, geometric patterns and warm textiles to create comfortable and approachable spaces. I'm not afraid of color, personality or pattern, and I find inspiration in everyday objects. A bright pillow, unusual piece of art or bold wall covering can be inspiration for an entire room - it's a matter of identifying that special object or color that encapsulates how you want to feel in your home. As a natural problem solver, I enjoy finding the optimal use of space to promote functionality, which is a key to comfort and often missing in traditional New England homes that can lack storage options. 


Gray Oak Studio - Leah Hook Co-Founder and Principal Designer

Leah - I've lived in homes of all sizes and shapes, from a 475 sq. ft. Brooklyn brownstone apartment to a classic 50's ranch in the Boston suburbs. The spaces ranged dramatically, but my goal remained the same - create a home that feels calm, cozy and happy. Statement pieces bring focus to a room and provide inspiration for the space as a whole. I prioritize unique, personal accessories. I want you to smile every time you walk into a room we’ve designed and you see something that has true meaning. Combining new and vintage elements is key to creating visual balance. If I had to choose a favorite color it would be green, but my sweet spot is a neutral palette with layers of texture.